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Our results driven program will launch Your Career to 6-figure income.

Kick Start your Medical Device Sales Career

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Break into Medical Device Sales

The most comprehensive program for breaking into Medical Device Sales

This is the only hands on practical program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to land the job, you will have a complete understating of the process, knowledge and confidence of interviewing with dozens of Fortune 500, large, medium and small innovative med device companies…

Who this is really for…

You’re a dreamer with no shortage of ambition but looking to make 6-figure or higher salary, who’s tired of trading dollars for hours and ready to build a career that allows you to impact infinitely more lives, make a whole lot more money, and have the flexibility of working and growing your career like your own small business

Whether you’re

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how Medical Device Sales Academy will give you the process, the tools, the inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to breaking into Medical Device Sales

If that makes you respond with an emphatic YES, then Breaking into Medical Device Sales is definitely for you!

"If you are looking for someone to shoot you straight, tell you what you need to hear, and guide you through what you need to do to get into medical, David is your guy. He provided me tools, resources, reading material, and answered all my calls and messages and was happy to help. He’s passionate about what he does, the lives he impacts, and it comes through in his work, his book, and his developmental tools that he provides to his clients."

Shereen S

By the end of this program you will have

But above all else…

Breaking into Medical Device Sales will give you the confidence to break into career that will place you in an Industry where US leads the world in technology and innovation, you will be in top percentile of sales earners, and make the lucrative leap from trading time for money to giving yourself the freedom to choose who you work with and what you focus on.

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Fantastic example of professionalism truly brings out the best in you

“Went to bat for me and had a huge impact on the hiring process. Because of the hard work, professionalism, skills, and experience. I landed my dream job with a company that I want to spend the rest of my career with. I will always refer my colleagues knowing that they will be well represented in the professional sales job hunt”

Tyler B

Learn the real SKILLS to land your dream job.

Break into Medical Device Sales is the only practical program in the industry with a proven skill-teaching system, developed by David Bagga and successfully implemented with hundreds of candidates who went on to become highly successful Medical device Sales Reps.

Launch your Medical Device Sales Career

Proven Online program that teaches you a step-by-step approach with actionable steps to launch your Medical device Sales Career

A Step-by-Step Approach for Breaking into Medical Device Sales

30 Videos and Audio - On Line Library you can watch or listen anytime anywhere at your convenience!

A MILLENNIAL’S Guide to Breaking into medical Device Sales

Complete Program

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Candidates Success Stories

Win the job that positions you for success in the exciting field of Medical Device Sales

Dallas Imbimbo

David is a man of action! An extremely dynamic individual that has the ability to connect with people instantly. It has been a pleasure working with him and couldn’t be happier with what he is done for our team.

Jeff Nullmeyer

“I would not be sitting in the seat that I am if it wasn’t for him, his advice, encouragement and persistence. He took my calls after works hours, on weekends and was genuinely interested in every step of the process. To say that he was instrumental in me landing this new gig would be to understate it, we partnered together to attain this position at Paragon, a position that I am extremely excited about!”

Zachary D

David was instrumental in helping me land my first sales job. Through resources like his book and YouTube videos, I was able to learn more about what it takes to win a career in sales and how to honor the interview process. His energy is contagious, and he is an excellent motivator

Kelly Guernsey

Positive can-do attitude and drive as a recruiter professional, absolute pleasure to work with. He went above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support. Thank you for everything!

Guy Nicio

David is a super great guy and a reliable responsive professional. I like his passion for the work he does and the people he works with. I’ve been networking with him for years now, and he’s the kind of guy you can count on and that people like to be around. And his passion leads to a solid knowledge base in the industries he serves. If you’re lucky enough to get to know and work with David like I am, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Keith Turnage

Wonderful working experience. I can’t say enough of how he goes above and beyond for his clients. His communication and representation is top tier, and I would work with him before anyone in the staffing industry.

Samantha C

I cannot recommend David highly enough, he absolutely without a doubt helped me get my current position and dream job. David stuck it out with me through multiple different companies’ interviews, ensuring that I was finding the right job for me and the best job for me

Christopher B

David was extremely helpful in me securing my new sales role. David is great at prepping you for your interviews and knows how to make you look like a seasoned pro. I would recommend his services to any potential job seekers looking for a new challenge.

Kristina Pletan

Outstanding to work with, great resource for candidates and companies who are looking to bring their success to a new level. Honest, hardworking and level-headed, can navigate the ins and outs of the recruitment process with great professionalism.

Nicole Chakos

I have now been in my current position where David helped me get placed for a year & I love it! He was so helpful throughout the process and gave an unbiased opinion when it was needed the most, as I had two companies to choose from.

Brandon Lodge

Very helpful in the job search process, able to set me up with multiple interviews right away, and was persistent in getting in touch with numerous hiring managers. All of this only benefited me in my search. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get in the Medical Device industry.

Erika Garcia

Where to begin with David? Working with him has been an absolute pleasure. He truly invested in every aspect of my process, and thanks to him I am now on the path to growing my career within an incredible company. He is very knowledgeable of the industry and his enthusiasm was shining through in every single conversation we had leading up to my job offer.

William Chiem

David’s persistence and ambition to succeed translates to his ability to recruit and position a prospect with the perfect company! David truly looks out for your best interest in laying out the vision for your future career mobility. His high-energy and winning attitude creates a resonance for anyone to be highly motivated to turn up the level of tenacity and thrive. David has a high accuracy for attention to detail and will be there at every step for you. Thank you again!

Raymond K

It is my pleasure to be writing about David Bagga. A man of his word and a resource like no other. The best decision I made was investing in a 1 on 1 session with David. He reached out to me and helped me set up a game plan to get into the field of work I dreamed of being in.

Martin K

Some recruiters can be difficult to work with, but not David. He made the process of getting a new position seamless. Not only did he guide me, he also made sure I understood what I was about to get into. This made me trust him. Given the opportunity, he would do the same for any other candidate

James Meadows

David is the best recruiter that I have ever met! He has helped me get several interviews and finally a career. David was immediately dedicated to helping me and even provided support in ways I didn’t know I needed assistance in. His advice was extremely valuable, intelligent and thorough plus I could always count on him. I would recommend David to anyone!

Tyler Booth

Fantastic example of professionalism truly brings out the best in you, went to bat for me and had a huge impact on the hiring process. Because of the hard work, professionalism, skills, and experience. I landed my dream job with a company that I want to spend the rest of my career with. I will always refer my colleagues knowing that they will be well represented in the professional sales job hunt.

Summer Pirosanto

David reached out to me regarding a couple of options. His ability to convey a company culture and why a particular position would be a great fit was spot on. Communication and knowing the interview audience personalities was super helpful with all aspects of the interview. I would definitely recommend working with David for any future job needs or career moves.

Ryan Conway

Very instrumental in helping me land a career job I was looking for., drive and high character personality made the process a pleasurable experience from start to finish. Very diligent with work, was truly prepared for the interview process. Enthusiasm and determination will allow me to find the best fit job.
Limited time offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Device Sales is a very exciting and competitive career; the hiring sales managers demand the best from their sales reps. If you are ambitious, have the ability to work hard, and are ready to build a career that allows you to sell medical devices to hospitals and impact many lives, then you are ready to break into Medical Device Sales
Medical Sales Colleges mostly focus on medical equipment training; our program will help you land a Job! We give you practical, hands-on training and guidance to land a medical device sales job. Our program costs a few hundred dollars compared to thousands of dollars charged by Medical Sales Colleges.
There are various ways of fast-tracking into a medical device sales career. You can join as an inside sales rep and work your way up to an outside sales rep. You can choose an independent distributor option or begin working in a filler or floater territory initially and then move to your own territory.
We have placed candidates with minimum or non-medical device sales experience or who are joining directly from college. You must communicate your learnings of the medical industry with clarity and confidence. You must also be well prepared for a very intense interview process and convince the hiring managers why you are the right person for the sales rep position.
The program consists of 30 video sessions to enhance your understanding of the industry and build your profile as a medical device sales rep. In addition, you get all the medical device resources and guides to be a successful rep and a Live Weekly Q&A session to answer your questions and provide the clarity and guidance you need to win the job.

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Break into Medical Device Sales

Launch Your 6-figure Sales Career

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